Makt has been successfully operating in the real estate development sector for over 20 years; the company is the natural continuation of the extensive career of engineer Alexandros Kalatzis, initiated in the 1970s.

Now in its third decade of continuous presence in the international real estate development market, Makt offers efficient and high-quality solutions and the kind of vision that is only born of long-term experience. Our customers are safe in the knowledge that their projects are realized with the best of contemporary design and technological advances, and always with respect to the environment.


Makt is a pioneer in its field by dint of its ability to not only compile studies, but to establish favorable conditions and create solutions where others only see obstacles.

We apply an innovative approach and a creative way of thinking to every project; the Makt motto is: “With insight, flexibility, patience and persistence, we always reach our clear objective.”

The Team

The company's success is founded on its family character. Its human resources include qualified architects, engineers, and finance experts, who are members of Greek, Austrian and Spanish professional chambers.

Their scientific backgrounds and their experience on international projects enables them to achieve exceptional results regarding both quality and value efficiency. Their strong collaborative spirit results in work executed with speed, substance, and quality – and with respect to the important factor of confidentiality. In addition to the company’s in-house team, Makt also employs the services of outside business associates, both individuals and firms, with whom the company has had long and productive partnerships since its founding. Our outside associates have extensive scientific backgrounds, and their project portfolios document their experience and strong qualifications.

The Team

  • Alexandros Kalatzis

    President / CEO

    Alexandros studied Electromechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. He has been active in the real estate development sector for over 45 years. His carrier has been strongly influenced by his 20-year-plus collaboration with the world-famous architect/urban planner Konstantinos Doxiadis and his Associates.

    Being in the field for so long, his extensive experience and expertise has grown to include human elements such as customer relations & negotiations, administrative aspects such as real estate development and management, and technical aspects such as electromechanical planning. He has served as head of electromechanical planning on several very prestigious public and private projects, as well as being involved in construction management. His numerous implemented projects include universities, airports, power & heating co-generation plants, hotels, and shopping centers.

    Alexandros is the company’s founder and its initial driving force.

    [email protected]

  • Maximos Kalatzis

    Vice President & CFO

    Maximos earned a Master’s in Architecture from the Technical University of Vienna and attended the University of Economics of Vienna. He has been a real estate development professional for over 15 years.

    He specializes in several real estate development sub-sectors, including negotiations, contract closure, land acquisition, development, management and financial analysis. He has been head of architectural design across diverse residential and commercial projects, and has also served as head of construction management on several of them.

    [email protected]


  • Diny Kalatzi

    Board Member

    Diny attended the Technical University of Vienna. She has been professionally active in architectural design for more than 30 years. She speaks Greek, English and German.

    Her expertise is focused on creative management and customer relations; the force behind the structure.

    [email protected]

  • Tatiana Kalatzi

    Board Member

    Tatiana studied Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she received her Master’s degree from Zaha Hadid. She is multilingual (Greek, German, English and Spanish) and is an active professional, member of the architectural chambers in Spain, Austria and Greece.

    For the past several years, she has been living and working in Barcelona and Vienna. She specializes in interior design, architectural design, and creative management.

    “We love to detail.”

    [email protected]


  • Sergio Suchomel

    Technical Advisor

    Sergio studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, under the supervision of Paolo Piva. He established the Buenavistadesign studio based in Barcelona at the same time that he commenced his studies in Architecture at the La Salle University Barcelona; he earned a Bachelor’s degree there, and continued at the Technical University of Vienna where he earned his Master’s. He is multilingual (Spanish, German, English and Greek).

    He lives and works in Vienna, where he combines his work in architecture and design with his position as teaching assistant at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Through his work in design and architecture he has gained broad and extensive experience in the sectors of residential and retail architectural design, industrial design, and creative direction.

    “A good retail space is worth a thousand store signs.”

    [email protected]

    [email protected]


  • Georgios Papargyris

    Technical Advisor

    Georgios studied Civil Engineering at the University of Thessaloniki and is an active professional in the field of construction, providing structural design services for 30 years.

    He specializes in structural design for the following applications: steel structures, concrete structures, industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics, shopping centers and malls, retail big boxes, military installations, Olympic Games facilities, large-scale athletic facilities, movie theaters, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, hotels, multi-story buildings, large-scale residential and office complexes, villas, bridges & viaducts, wastewater treatment plants, renovation of historical and landmark buildings, earthquake protection upgrades of existing structures.

    [email protected]


  • Yerasimo Cambicci

    Technical Advisor

    Yerasimo studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Thessaloniki. He has been an active professional for over 25 years in Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) engineering, supervision, and services.

    His expertise includes MEP installation design, MEP supervision services, and MEP procurement services for hotels, housing, retail, hypermarkets, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial complexes, airports, and other types of infrastructures in Greece, the Balkans, and the Middle East.

    [email protected]


  • Zisis Nastos

    Technical Advisor

    Zisis studied Rural Surveying Engineering at the University of Thessaloniki and has been professionally engaged in the construction sector for 23 years, providing his services.

    He specializes in the design of technical works, the support of construction sites, the preparation of road works, as well as topographical, transport and hydraulic studies. His experience includes topographical support of major transport, hydraulic and construction projects, for the construction of important road axes, the construction of commercial real estate, hypermarkets, sewage treatment plants, industries etc.

    [email protected]

Related Companies


Our goal has always been to create a prestigious real estate project, owned and managed by the company. Fam is a real estate management company with property holdings of over 30,000 m2 of land in a prime location, and over 9,000 m2 of commercial real estate. It is a case study in real estate development. The company approaches real estate challenges from a different perspective, addressing the need to evolve together with the dynamic nature of the commercial industry and the ever-changing needs of the consumer public.

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Buenavista Studio

Buenavista Design and Architecture Studio, staffed by a multi-cultural team of qualified professionals with complementary specializations, undertakes projects from the initial concept through development and supervision and up to execution, offering both general and specific creative and effective solutions. The Vienna-based studio works on sectors ranging from architecture, interior design and retail design, to product and brand design. The firm’s expertise in these varied sectors often flows into one single project, such as for retail environments, where brand values, corporate communication, space functionality, industrial design and architecture are developed in tandem to provide a holistic experience.

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How we do successful business

  1. 01 proper planning of financial requirements
  2. 02 establishing long-term cooperation with major international brands
  3. 03 knowledge of needs, specifications, functionality
  4. 04 establishing mutual trust
  5. 05 developing and managing win–win projects
  6. 06 treating customers as partners
  7. 07 establishing exceptional relationships with financial backers
  8. 08 respecting the environment
  9. 09 setting high technological standards


Development of real estate for every potential use: commercial facilities, shopping centers, tourism facilities, hotels, sports facilities, golf courses, reuse of old factory installations, residential facilities, etc. Our goal is to develop successful, sustainable projects regardless of budget size, and always within the valid legal framework.

Development services include:

  1. Site location
  2. Site evaluation
  3. Due diligence
  4. Ownership checks
  5. Land acquisition
  6. Permits & authorizations
  7. Financial analysis
  8. Feasibility studies
  9. Master planning


On most projects where Makt undertakes the development, we also undertake comprehensive project management. This allows us to design and implement immediate and efficient solutions to any issues or problems that may occur in development.

Project management is not limited to the implementation phase. Makt manages real estate properties of over 23,000 m2 of land, over 7,500 m2 of buildings, and with a total value of over 16,500,000 euro.

Management services include:

  1. Planning
  2. Construction management
  3. Integrated project delivery
  4. Post-implementation services

Architecture and Design

Makt provides architecture and design services professionally, with respect to clients’ specifications and contemporary design principles. Whether our projects pertain to entire buildings, solutions for specific areas or spaces, or even objects, our work is characterized by an emphasis on functionality and a distinct aesthetic approach. However, this does not mean that the company is limited by having to follow strict lines, nor that its projects are solely determined by the context of clients’ specifications. On the contrary, we are guided by simplicity and our desire for each project to meet its given requirements while avoiding design stereotypes, and this leads us to original design ideas that satisfy both the users and us.

Design services include:

  1. Conceptual approach
  2. Pre-construction planning
  3. Virtual design
  4. Architectural planning
  5. Structural engineering
  6. Electromechanical engineering
  7. Interior design
  8. Sustainability design
  9. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  10. Urban planning

Corporate Values

For too long, the unethical practice of bribery and a misguided tolerance of it, the lack of professional ethics, and endemic corruption, have been unfortunate yet consistent elements of doing business. We are firm believers in doing business ethically as well as lawfully. That is why we stay informed by attending relevant fora, and we adopt the principles and guidelines of competent international organizations such as the OECD and Transparency International.

We strongly believe that good business is good for everyone, and that is why corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of what we do. Whether by giving back to each local community or taking steps to protect the environment, the outcome is the same. Makt strives to maintain social responsibility as an active member of various non-profit, nonpartisan organizations such as Concordia and the Delphi Economic Forum.

Makt offers a truly forward vision and comprehensive, creative, customised solutions. We execute demanding projects efficiently, on time and within budget.

How we implement projects

  1. 01 proper planning of financing requirements
  2. 02 reliability in planning and implementation
  3. 03 honesty
  4. 04 clarity
  5. 05 absolute consistency concerning timetables, agreements, business plan
  6. 06 long experience in real estate development and management
  7. 07 complex land purchases or leases
  8. 08 construction of building complexes under strict specifications
  9. 09 ensuring of a reliable lease agreement

Shopping and Leisure Center

Initially the client, Carrefour France, wanted to enter the Greek market by following the same path adopted for its expansion around the world. The location was selected, land was purchased in the client’s name, all necessary studies were completed and the construction of a hypermarket commenced. To complete the land purchase, we ended up having to acquire land from 273 different individuals and literally bring people from around the globe to sign contracts, all while staying within budget. During the construction stage, we consulted with the client and recommended that the project should deviate from the original strict specifications, and that Carrefour should take greater advantage of its hypermarkets by expanding and creating shopping centers around the original stores.

This led to the first development, world-wide, of a shopping center by Carrefour. After its enormous success, with the hypermarket exceeding 10,000,000 receipts per year, Carrefour decided to evolve the core of the company’s real estate specifications by building shopping centers, and it began to take advantage of the added value created by its stores around the globe.

  • Services

  • Development
  • Location selection
  • Land purchase
  • Studies
  • Permits
  • Construction planning
  • Detail planning
  • Supervision
  • Construction management
  • Project details

  • Plot152,000 m2
  • Built surface36,800 m2
  • Total construction costs63,000,000 €

Shopping Center

After establishing a presence in Greece, Carrefour Hellas created in-house departments to pursue its expansion in the Greek market. Entering the market in Patras proved to be quite challenging, for various reasons.

To deal with this challenge, Makt was asked to develop a concept, select a location and obtain the first two major authorizations. Obtaining the Urban Development Permit and the Preliminary Architectural Study Authorization from the competent authorities paved the way for the rest of the permits required to complete the project.

  • Services

  • Development
  • Concept
  • Location selection
  • Urban development permit
  • Preliminary architectural study authorization
  • Project details

  • Plot 102,000 m2
  • Built surface20,000 m2
  • Total construction costs25,000,000 €

Electronics and electric appliances hypermarket

The client’s specifications were very strict, as expected for a global retail chain.  Our concept approach allowed us to maximize the actual retail area, while still breaking down the “big box” design from the visitor’s perspective, by creating side “wings” of different sizes and angles. We also added functional characteristics that were not part of the original specifications and made the store a successful case study for the client.

The nature of the store’s merchandise (electronics and electric appliances) was reflected in the clean, industrial-style aesthetic of the design, while the client’s primary color (red) was incorporated in every visible technical element of the facade.

  • Services

  • Development
  • Location selection
  • Land purchase
  • Architectural concept
  • Studies
  • Permits
  • Construction planning
  • Detail planning
  • Supervision
  • Construction management
  • Project details

  • Plot19,000 m2
  • Built surface7,500 m2
  • Total construction costs15,500,000 €

Shopping and Leisure Center

The goal was to create a shopping and leisure center that, although not located inside the urban core, still retains urban elements without also losing the sense of unbuilt space. Since the land was located outside the city plan zone, the permitted building coefficient limited the built surface that could be devoted to strictly commercial uses; additionally, there were strict specifications such as the requirement for a “big box” structure to house a hypermarket. The concept of creating a plaza was the first step. It had to be protected from the strong northern winds, offer an interesting environment that would encourage walking around, provide consistency to the shops, and retain the feeling of natural surroundings and unbuilt space. So, the plaza was “embraced” by three buildings.

The color choice was based on the harmonious integration of the buildings in the environment. For this reason, the design incorporated earthy colors, such as brown and rust that alternated at different rhythms on varied-width surfaces. This effect “broke down” the solid volume of the big box structure, offering visual relief. Following the same logic, the other two structures were created by alternating, for functional as well as aesthetic reasons, between solid earth-colored surfaces, glass panes, and some exposed concrete surfaces. It is noted that the project’s total thermal insulation meets very high standards, thus combining architectural functionality and aesthetics with ecological criteria and significant energy conservation.

  • Services

  • Development
  • Location selection
  • Land purchase
  • Architectural concept
  • Studies
  • Permits
  • Construction planning
  • Detail planning
  • Supervision
  • Construction management
  • Project details

  • Plot30,000 m2
  • Built surface9,000 m2
  • Total construction costs21,000,000 €

Restoration and refurbishment of a single-family home

Real Estate Development for a single family home? In this case, yes. After the expansion of the city plan, the owners were faced with a dead-end situation. They could not build anything, and on top of that the new city plan provided alleys to the waterfront across the property, which divided the plot in several sections. Makt took the lead and “cleaned up” the project by providing effective solutions, such as moving the alleys to the edges of the plot and obtaining all necessary permits from the competent authorities, in order to finalize this restructure. Additionally, the new legal framework for the plot allowed the owners to restore and refurbish the existing buildings.

The plot oversees the waterfront and the bay, and the building is a vacation home, used primarily in the summer months. The objective was to open up the pre-existing structure towards the garden and the direct sea view, while maintaining the simple character of the old house. During construction, only the exterior walls and original, pre-1920s tile floors were preserved. The only entirely new volume is the swimming pool, which is situated in relation to the two pre-existing volumes on the property.

  • Services

  • Development
  • Architectural concept
  • Studies
  • Building permit
  • Construction planning
  • Detail planning
  • Supervision
  • Construction management
  • Project details

  • Plot5,000 m2
  • Built surface105 m2
  • Total construction costs320,000 €

Golf resort including a hotel and wellness center

At a short distance from the Thessaloniki International Airport, on a land plot directly linked to a miles-long sandy beach on the Aegean Sea, this concept includes two 18-hole golf courses, a five-star hotel complex, and a thalassotherapy center. The golf courses are planned according to EIGCA standards and are accompanied by all the necessary practice facilities (driving range, chipping area, putting green).

Great emphasis is placed on the high quality of the facilities surrounding the golf courses and of the resort in general. The natural landscape is preserved as pristine as possible, thus guaranteeing the lowest possible maintenance costs for the entire facility. A primary objective of the study is to ensure sustainable golf course development.

  • Services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Architectural concept
  • Project details

  • Plot1,200,000 m2
  • Built/landscaped surface

    1,950 m2
    107,800 m2
  • Total construction costs74,000,000 €

News - Events - Publications

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The “One Belt, One Road: Chinese AI landing in Greece” initiative of the Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) aims to extend the modern “Silk Road” to the innovation sector between Greece and China as well.

 The CEO of DeepBlue Technology, the world’s largest AI application development developer, within the framework of the conference, shared successful AI technologies development practices and presented how Greece can become a major European pole of innovation in tourism, culture, sports, transport and smart urban applications. Makt attended the conference.




TEDx Thessaloniki

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How do you imagine the future in science, technology, politics, geopolitics, our everyday life? How do you deal with the changes that occur in your life, illness, disability? Bright minds, people who think differently, have a vision and plan for tomorrow, pioneers and leaders of their kind found themselves at TEDx Thessaloniki at the Royal Theater to talk about the New Land. Makt attended the event.




RED Business Forum 2019


The subjects that dominated the 14th RED BUSINESS FORUM concerned Greek business real estate and,…

The subjects that dominated the 14th RED BUSINESS FORUM concerned Greek business real estate and, as a matter of priority, agreements, pricing, e-commerce, climate change, the new way of living in which buildings need to be adapted, as well as the issue of governance of companies with environmental and social criteria (ESG).

Guide to developments the two key issues that transform the real estate market, the demographic developments and technology. Makt attended the Forum.



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